Any kind of robbery approaches for Puzzle Quest 2?

I take care of to match uncommon upper bodies possibly just in 1 robbery minigame out of 5. Exist any kind of approaches to increase this opportunity?

As I recognize 2 uncommon upper bodies show up in arbitrary areas after "brave initiative", and also 1 uncommon upper body shows up instead of 5 straight suit? I am searching for 5 or 4 straight ideally in lower 30-50% component of a readily available board. The lower you match the even more opportunities that you will certainly get brave initiative, yet otherwise your upper bodies will certainly be gotten rid of earlier also.

UPGRADE: My new ideal approach: Simply do a suit of a straight 3-5 row as short on the board as feasible, and also allow good luck do the remainder. Brave initiatives offer you the most effective opportunities to match uncommon things, and also the lower you do your suit the even more opportunities you need to create a brave initiative.

2019-05-05 10:14:40
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Unfortunately, similar to the majority of components of Puzzle Quest, you require to count primarily on good luck. When I start, I generally wait a minute to see which relocate the video game advises to me, as it'll focus on a 4/ 5 suit, and also it generally focuses on (regarding I can inform) a suit that will certainly create a domino effect over one that will certainly not. There is no live stress for robbery, so do not hurry, and also take your time to review your board placement.

Attempt to be knowledgeable about the amount of actions you can make prior to the lower row goes away. Generally it's around 3 suits. Occasionally you have the possibility to relocate a Rare Chest up a row by making a straightforward 3 suit, which will certainly at the very least offer you a little bit even more breathing space to attempt to wait.

Usually, I will certainly attempt to make a 4 suit between to the leading location. After that, despite the fact that the Rares are higher, there's even more opportunity for them to be matched due to the fact that they'll likely drop lower on their own as you make various other suits.

2019-05-09 09:43:53