In City of Heroes/ City of Villains, is Energy or Negative Energy damages stood up to even more by the majority of crowds (PvE)?

Is it extra usual for an adversary in CoH/CoV to stand up to power or adverse power damages kinds? Not surprisingly each team will have their very own resistances yet when considering the total fads for the video game, which is stood up to much less?

2019-05-05 10:21:03
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There are a lots of adversary teams in COH, yet the good news is a person did the mass of our benefit us. Some time back a person assembled the ordinary damages done by each damages type:

Looking at that graph, it feels like (with the exception of a couple of dark magic teams) Negative Energy is where adversaries have the least resistance versus.

Yet, IIRC the power powers in the video game additionally generally make use of the Knockback and also Smashing damages kinds too, and also just a really percentage of adversaries have resistance to that.

2019-05-12 14:03:00