Switching off blossom in Burnout Paradise

I am running Burnout Paradise on a laptop computer with a Core 2 Duo cpu and also an Intel X3100 GMA incorporated graphics card. With all the setups in the food selections refused to minimum, the video game is in fact fairly usable (although not at a really high framerate in the midtown locations).

I have actually seen that also via all the visual alternatives are either off or at their cheapest setups, blossom is still on. This is robbing me of priceless structures per 2nd I need for obtaining my Burnout Paradise certificate. I situated a config documents in C:\Users\James\AppData\Local\Criterion Games\Burnout Paradise\Config.ini, yet there isn't also an alternative for HDR or blossom in it.

Am I unfortunate, or can I transform this result off?

2019-05-05 10:26:00
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I've located this mod which could address the trouble. Nonetheless, under "Performance Tips" at the end of the web page it mentions:

Bloom virtually not decrease video game rate, utilize it as you desire.

So transforming it on could not offer you that added framerate you want.

KEEP IN MIND : Use this at your very own discernment.

2019-05-09 09:30:42