Can I run Android applications on Ubuntu?

Is it feasible to run Android applications on Ubuntu? And also I do not suggest inside an emulator, yet natively, as you would certainly with any kind of various other application mounted making use of the Ubuntu Software Center.

2019-05-05 10:33:22
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The straight solution is no you can not. Although Android applications are created in Java and also hence needs to function, the setting is entirely various :

  • Screen dimension is restricted, the principle of a "Windowing System" does not exist in a mobile
  • Some of the hardware merely isn't there, SIM card, GPS, etc

There's an emulator that fools the applications by providing those added little bits they require. Yet it makes use of the indigenous OpenJDK on your equipment so they will certainly run well. Consider it like an examination setting and also not an emulator.

Anyhow if you suggestion is running Layar in your laptop computer, neglect it, it does not make any kind of feeling in all.

2019-05-08 09:27:54

The closest you'll get is via an emulator. This solution could not be for you (you could currently recognize all this) yet if other individuals go down right into this string, they could be curious about recognizing.

You can run points via the Android emulator, component of the Android SDK (software program growth package).

This gives a digital tool which does permit you to run fairly a great deal of Android applications though it might have problem with several of the even more equipment - reliant points (3D, Phone calls, GPS, SMS, etc)

Here's an overview on obtaining it set up :

How to Run Android Applications on Ubuntu - Softpedia

2019-05-08 07:27:49