Just how can I create a software program RAID drive and also install Ubuntu Desktop on that particular drive?

Given that GParted does not sustain RAID, what devices can we make use of to create a RAID drive (0,1,5 etc) and afterwards install Ubuntu onto that drive? Think we are beginning on fresh system without OS.

2019-05-05 10:37:11
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I am thinking you suggest Linux Software RAID as opposed to equipment RAID.

The alternative CD sustains installment onto a Linux Software RAID arrangement. Below's a link to a screencast I made demonstrating how to do it.


Alternatively you could intend to attempt the new palimsest disk energy on the real-time CD as this has some alternatives for setting up Linux Software RAID.

It is additionally feasible to install on Linux Software RAID making use of the Live CD and also the mdadm energy. Boot from the Live CD and afterwards "sudo proper - get install mdadm" which is the device called for to create the RAID arrangement. You'll require to make use of fdisk (or gparted) to create the dividings and afterwards mdadm to create the RAID array (s).

There are a lot of overviews to making use of mdadm online.

2019-05-08 08:45:05