Wondering just how to get OEM Config to collaborate with my personalized distro

I'm not exactly sure just how to get the OEM install setting collaborating with my Ubuntu remaster. I'm making use of Remastersys to make the remastered Ubuntu 10.04 distro and also I do not recognize just how to see to it OEMs can utilize it. I have actually attempted running sudo oem-config-prepare after mounting the remaster (with oem-config, oem-config-gtk, oem-config-remaster and also oem-config-debconf mounted from Synaptic) in a new account called "oem" with the password additionally "oem". It informs me that I need to reactivate to show the system arrangement. So I did that, yet it would certainly not start right into it. I pushed the Escape key at Plymouth to watch the bootup in verbose setting and also it informed me this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/ubiquity-dm", line 476, in <module>
  dm = DM(vt, display, username)
File "/usr/bin/ubiquity-dm", line 78, in __init__
  self.uid, self.gid = pwd.getpwnam(self.username)[2:4]
KeyError: 'getpwnam(): name not found: live'

numerous times which I can make a new account from the boot punctual. I tried to do this yet it was rough and also my key presses really did not show up to do anything till I pushed Enter when it presented just several of the key presses so establishing an account from the boot motivate was useless. I have actually additionally attempted establishing the real-time username to "oem" yet the normal 7-step, non-oem installer turns up when I run Ubiquity. I actually require this to function asap!

Many thanks beforehand!

2019-05-05 10:45:21
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That mistake reported resemble It's not developed the customer 'live' which customer has no password. Did you configure your install manuscripts appropriately? Or did you modify the usernames appropriately?

2019-05-11 22:44:14