Why did the Sega Game Gear draw a lot battery power?

I possess an old Game Gear from the very early 90s, and also have actually wondered for several years regarding why it's such a power hog. It takes 6 (SIX!!) double-A batteries, every one of which can drain pipes within a hr or 2 of having fun.

The initial GameBoy just made use of 4 AA batteries and also it absolutely did not drain pipes as quickly as the Game Gear.

I recognize that they are from various firms and also made use of various principles, yet just what was the Game Gear doing that made use of a lot power? I recognize it has shade, would certainly that make a distinction?

2019-05-05 11:27:33
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According to Wikipedia :" [Game Boy's ] monochrome screen, absence of a backlight, and also much less effective equipment" goes to the origin of the trouble.

2019-05-08 06:33:37