Just how can I change the NES cartridge battery?

Just how does one change the NES cartridge battery?

2019-05-05 11:49:11
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This internet site appears to give a good tutorial.

Primarily, the battery is soldered to clips that are soldered to the board. You'll require to open the cartridge, remove the clips from both battery and also board, change those clips with a modern-day clip that can hold a CR2032 battery, clip the new battery in, and also close the cartridge. (Note that these guidelines inform you just how to solder clips in position ; the schedule of battery clips is more recent, so you will certainly need to change the procedure as necessary, beginning with action 6, where you would certainly or else solder new clips onto the battery.)

Given that this is a rather hard procedure, you will possibly intend to attempt it out on an economical cartridge you uncommitted concerning in the past trying to change the battery on your immaculate duplicate of Final Fantasy.

2019-05-08 06:47:33