Where should I most likely to ranch Gil promptly in Final Fantasy 13?

I'm attempting to finish the last success that I require in FF13, the one where I require to upgrade all the weapons/items to hold every thing feasible in the video game. I'm asking yourself where I need to take my totally maxed out event to ranch gil that produces the most effective feasible gil per hr proportion.

2019-05-05 12:44:14
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I made use of the stradegy laid out in this video to farm the Leviathan Plaza Adamatoise.

After I had actually obtained made use of to the fight and also had actually a totally updated Crystarium I had the ability to end up each fight in around 1 :42. For fights that did not generate a decline I would promptly exit to the title screen and also re - load my video game as opposed to troubling with the added time to conserve.

2019-12-05 02:38:19

From the main Strategy Guide ...

Leveling Spot # 3 : Eden - Leviathan Plaza

Spot Details : The Adamantoise supplies several of the most effective incentives in the whole video game : 40,000 CP, a Platinum Ingot as its regular decline (sell rate 150,000 Gil), and also a Trapezohedron as its uncommon decline. The last part has a resale rate of just 10,000 Gil, yet is vital to create "best" tools and also sets you back a substantial 2,000,000 to acquire.

... In

enhancement to "costs" parts that are made totally to be marketed, there are numerous typical parts with a Gil value that much overshadows EXP or multiplier rises that might supply throughout tool or accesory upgrades. Getting these can be a wonderful means to create funds for acquisitions.

Name               Sale Price (Gil)
Gloomstalk         1,000
Sunpetal           1,000
Moonblossom Seed   6,000
Starblossom Seed   13,000
Succulent Fruit    1,750
Malodorous Fruit   4,000
Green Needle       3,500
Perfume            12,500
2019-05-08 06:56:35