Is any person else having signal strength troubles on an iPhone 3GS given that the iOS 4.1 upgrade?

Given that updating my iPhone 3GS to iOS 4.1, I've occasionally seen 1 bar or "Searching ..." in the house and also job where I made use of to have 4 or 5 bars. And also I've sent out sms message with 4 bars, just to have it quickly go down to 1 and also the sms message mistake out.

I'm attempting to find out if I'm alone with this concern (and also needs to consequently bring my phone to my neighborhood Apple Store-- after attempting a recover so I can claim I did when they certainly recommend that), or if this is an usual trouble (and also we need to after that submit pests at

Update (to address Louis Gerbarg's inquiry) : I've mounted every new upgrade, so I think I updated from 4.0.2 to 4.1. I assume I saw Apple's bar display screen calibration adjustments after the 4.0.1 upgrade, though the distinction was refined. I did not have actually gone down call troubles and also mistakes sending out sms message till the 4.1 upgrade.

Update # 2: I recovered my iPhone to manufacturing facility defaults (yet still with 4.1 mounted), and also still had the troubles. So I took it to my neighborhood Apple Genius Bar and also clarified this, and also they traded the phone for a new one. The new iPhone 3GS had 4.0.2. Yet I still do not have the troubles after mounting 4.1. This have to have been an equipment concern.

2019-05-05 12:51:55
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Did you relocate from 4.0 to 4.1, or from 4.0.1/ 2 to 4.1? In between 4.0 and also 4.0.1 Apple transformed the calibration of bench display screen, such that at an offered signal strength it reveals a less bars. They did that in feedback to the iPhone 4 antenna attention, yet the adjustments were provided for all tools that sustain 4.x.

So, if you went right from 4.0 to 4.1 obtaining less bars is anticipated, though if you are going down telephone calls where you formerly really did not that is an actual concern, or if you upgraded from 4.0.2.

2019-05-08 08:32:52