iPhone occasionally goes to rest running Pandora, occasionally does not

I utilize my iPhone4 to pay attention to Pandora radio at the workplace. I have it connected in to a typical charge/sync wire, and also an earphone jack to my audio speakers.

Occasionally the screen remains on forever, revealing me the existing cd in the Pandora application. Occasionally, it goes to rest, and also I need to by hand unlock it to see the existing cd. Appears concerning 50/50, and also I have no suggestion why it occasionally remains on and also occasionally does not.

Just how can I get it to remain on, and also not go to rest (I do desire it to head to rest generally when I'm not utilizing it for music, nonetheless)

Not exactly sure if this specifies to Pandora, or if I would certainly see the very same concern with the iPod application.

2019-05-05 12:58:23
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I identified a trusted means to see to it the phone does not go to rest while running Pandora:

  1. Launch Pandora
  2. Insert earphone jack
  3. Connect dock/power wire

If I dock the power line prior to releasing Pandora, after that the screen will certainly go to rest.

Still not exactly sure why it does this, or if it specifies to the Pandora application, yet with any luck this will certainly aid somebody else out:)

2019-05-17 22:50:40