In position upgrade of a software raid 5 array

I run a software raid array for my back-ups, yet my information has actually grown out of ability.

considering I have a complete 2.4 TB array with 5 * 600GB drives as well as additionally have 5 * 2TB drives I would love to exchange in.

What would certainly be the best means to update the array?

I considered faulting 1 drive at a time and also exchanging in a new drive and also restoring, yet I am not exactly sure if at the end of the procedure I will certainly have the ability to resize the array


2019-05-05 13:04:09
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Assuming this is linux, this is practical and also rather very easy in fact. It is covered on the software raid wiki yet the standard actions are:

  1. Fail and also remove drive.
  2. Change with a bigger drive.
  3. Dividing the drive so the dividings coincide dimension or bigger than the ones in the existing software raid dividing.
  4. Add the dividings to software RAID and also await it to sync.
  5. Repeat over actions till all drives have actually been changed.
  6. mdadm --grow /dev/mdX --size=max to resize the mdadm tool.
  7. resize2fs /dev/mdX to resize the documents system thinking you have ext3.

You can expand the mdadm tool and also the documents system while the web server is real-time also. If your drives are warm convertible you can do every little thing without downtime.

2019-05-30 16:00:11

On equipment RAID controllers, restoring an array with bigger disks will not cause a bigger array. Previous times, I developed new selections alongside the old ones.

My last upgrade strategy was :

  1. duplicate the information on 2 disks (as added back - up)
  2. Build a new array with the continuing to be bigger disks (RAID 5 will certainly still offer you a bigger array after that the last one)
  3. Move the information to the new array
  4. Remove the old array
  5. Grow the new array with the 2 added disks
2019-05-08 12:48:00