Making use of JiTouch with harmony

Is it feasible to make Jitouch collaborate with Synergy? Jitouch permits me to make motions represent activities in various applications, yet it does not permit me to select Unix programs (like the Synergy server) as a target.

2019-05-05 13:13:18
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The factor for this is that the Synergy web server does not have an OS X frontend. I have the very same concern with my Logitech computer mouse arrangement - - I intend to have a various scroll rate for Synergy due to the fact that when I have velocity made it possible for, the remote computer system does not scroll effectively. So I would certainly such as to disable velocity just when making use of harmony .

The remedy would certainly be to package synergys as an OS X application which, when you relocate your computer mouse to the remote computer system, brings itself to the front (to make sure that the food selection bar has just the Apple food selection and also a "Synergy" food selection). I have planned for a long time to create such a wrapper which would accomplish this yet simply have not had the moment.

I really did not understand others would certainly want the very same suggestion ... If I ever before full that task I'll make certain to allow you recognize! Or, possibly we should submit an attribute demand with the harmony task? : -)

2019-05-11 16:05:45