What does the Ubuntu Foundation do?

I listened to that it was some type of reserve or something.

2019-05-05 13:17:00
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From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Foundation

The Ubuntu Foundation is an objective trust fund started by Mark Shuttleworth and also Canonical Ltd. to make certain the lengthy - term upkeep of the Ubuntu Linux circulation individually of the business tasks of Canonical Ltd. Its first financing dedication is $ 10M. Its existing board of advisers is composed. of chairman Mark Shuttleworth, owner. of Canonical Ltd., and also reps. of the Ubuntu Community Council and also. the Ubuntu Technical Board. [1 ]

Although it was initially introduced. that the Ubuntu Foundation would certainly. use core participants of the Ubuntu. community [2 ] since 2008, the. Structure continues to be inactive . Mark. Shuttleworth defines it as an. " reserve" on the occasion that. Canonical's participation in the Ubuntu. task ends.

2019-05-08 07:40:33

In order to obtain approval as a readily sustained os, there was the assurance made that LTS (long-term assistance) launches would certainly be sustained for 3 years on the desktop computer and also 5 years on the web server.

Organisations required to recognize that the assistance behind Ubuntu given by Canonical was not ready to go away.

The first LTS release was 6.06 Dapper Drake in 2006 and also back then there was some uncertainty that Canonical can assure this assistance dedication in all.

Would certainly they also exist in 5 years time?

Mark Shuttleworth placed his loan where his mouth is and also installed $10M to work with Ubuntu Community Members as the Ubuntu Foundation so if Canonical went away as a Company the community would certainly have the sources to remain to sustain the circulation.

I am not exactly sure what has actually taken place ever since yet this public assurance permitted uncertainties of the stability of LTS launches to be deposited and also aided the fostering of Ubuntu.

DistroWatch discussed this back at the time.

2019-05-08 07:39:08