Exists are area to report missing/incorrect cd art to the iTunes group?

I recognize there are numerous means to get/replace cd art in iTunes and also various other inquiries concerning that. Several of them do not give as top quality art as from iTunes (Store). Several of them additionally inflate documents dimensions by placing the photo in each cd. Nonetheless, one point I've seen is that occasionally art obtains upgraded in the store to far better mirror the CD I tore, or missing out on art appears. As an example, Bob Dylan cds made use of to constantly get the hideous "Bob Dylan Collection" cover (very same for each and every) whereas currently they get the actual initial covers.

Exists someplace to report blunders and also noninclusions to the group liable? It appears that total top quality can conveniently be boosted if Apple approved "pests" on this. The blunders usually appears fairly weird - as an example, the cd remains in the store with the proper art work and also yet you get the incorrect art downloaded and install or none in all. I lately obtained proper art for an uncommon independent musician that I assumed had actually self-published his cd, adhered to by absolutely nothing for Phil Selway's far more renowned new cd. This cd is readily available (proper art) in the store!

2019-05-05 13:24:19
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you can constantly make use of Apple Feedback web page to send any kind of sort of demand.

if you have this trouble in our very own iTunes Library , it is very easy to assign a new cover to the track or cd by simply dragging the cover to it or making use of the GetInfo alternative, you recognize just how to do this right?

if you install Last.fm application you can straightforward play a track and afterwards drag the last.fm cover right into the art work of the iTunes track.

2019-05-10 14:05:02