Blogger remarks go away after switching over to personalized URL

I lately switched over to a personalized URL as opposed to a * URL, today all the remarks from my blog posts are gone. Just how can I get them back?

Update: I've been waiting numerous days weeks and also they have not turned up yet.

2019-05-05 13:29:15
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I'm not exactly sure specifically which of these created it to function, yet lately I made numerous adjustments:

  • I transferred the blog ownership from a Gmail account to a Google Apps Account on the very same domain name.
  • As opposed to forwarding the nude subdomain with a CNAME document to, I changed it to make use of a 301 redirect from the nude subdomain to www.
  • I included MX documents to the nude subdomain and also began making use of Google Apps Mail.

... and afterwards instantly all my remarks showed up once more. It has actually had to do with 3 weeks given that they first went away.

2019-05-13 17:42:03

Maybe you can attempt this (I'm simply making this up, so do not trust it way too much):

  • Switch back to your blogger domain (http ://
  • Go to the "Basic" setups web page and also export your blog
  • Now switch over to your new domain (http ://
  • Go back to the "Basic" setups web page and also import your blog

It's worth a shot, I intend! All the best!

2019-05-09 06:55:22

Just wait. I have actually come across this taking place in the past. It simply spends some time for every little thing to upgrade. So simply wait a couple of hrs and also they need to be back.

2019-05-09 03:13:14

It appears a well-known trouble, there are loads and also even more demands helpful in Blogger assistance discussion forum.

There is an official discussion to look for updates and also send details for aid.

2019-05-09 02:53:51