Protect against iTunes from resetting my music collection area

My iTunes collection lies on an network drive, or instead, the music is, and also my collection documents lies on my MacBook.

  • Collection documents: /Users/glenn/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library
  • Music: /Volumes/MyVolume/Music

Yet every so often when I make use of the laptop computer someplace outdoors my WiFi network, and afterwards return, fire up iTunes and also play a track I get a collection packed with those pesky little exclamation factor icons alongside my tracks. This is due to the fact that iTunes have actually presumed that "Oh, he's not in the house, allow's reset the music submits area to /Users/glenn/Music/iTunes." And also there are no music there.

Just how can I protect against iTunes from doing this "clever" hunch, and also simply leave the setup alone?

PS. And also MyVolume is auto-mounted on my laptop computer. Yet certainly, if iTunes is running when opening the cover of the MacBook, it spends some time for it to place, and also iTunes will not locate the course to the music in the beginning.

2019-05-05 14:02:58
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Just an assumed for your laptop computer, why do not you share your iTunes collection and also stream it to your laptop computer as opposed to placing the network drive?

I'm in the procedure of establishing this up currently, I simply relocated my iTunes collection and also media documents to my Network Attached Storage, which can show to all equipments on my residence network.

I was having the very same collection reset concern as you, so I'll attempt making use of a pen name in Windows 7 to navigate this (many thanks @zneak). Absolutely nothing scarier than informing iTunes where my 10,000+track collection is and also have it show absolutely nothing : (

2019-05-10 15:43:11

I would certainly presume that when the iTunes media directory site /Volumes/MyVolume/Music is located to not exist, it resets to the default value of /Users/glenn/Music/iTunes. That is to claim, I do not assume it matters if the documents exist or otherwise (so network placing is not a lot the concern), yet that the directory site exists and also can be surfed.

So a remedy would certainly be to have a vacant directory site as your iTunes media collection directory site (which can simply be the default), and also place the network share right into that directory site. This would certainly entail making use of smbmount as opposed to the typical Finder - based /Volumes/... placing. Certainly ... smbmount does not featured OS X, so this remedy will certainly call for some initiative on your component to get smbmount.

You could be able to attain the very same with symbolic web links, though I'm not exactly sure whether iTunes can manage its media collection directory site being a busted symlink ; it might simply delete the symlink by forcibly developing the /Users/glenn/Music/iTunes directory site in addition to it ...?

2019-05-10 14:10:18

You can make "iTunes Music" a pen name to your songs folder on your network drive. That need to maintain iTunes' ingenuity away.

2019-05-08 11:14:38