iTunes Utility - Merging Libraries

I would love to combine 3 different iTunes collections. Below is even more details:

  • Presently have 3 different iTunes collections on 2 laptop computers and also as well as dekstop.
  • Intend to combine all 3 onto the desktop computer (i.e. it has all web content), while keeping the various other 2 laptop computer based collections as-is.
  • I intend to stay clear of obtaining a variety of matches within the joined collection.
  • I am not worried concerning keeping the collection (i.e. playlists, and so on) on desktop computer.
  • I am not worried about keeping excellent sync, so can duplicate the essential procedure occasionally to remerge collections.

I am alright with making use of the command line, Python or applescript if that's the means to go.

2019-05-05 14:12:54
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Try this,

Haven't attempted it myself yet however resembles it will certainly offer you specifically what you require.


Script Method :

I in fact utilize this strategy myself.

Develops a "carbon duplicate" of a collection on an additional equipment which you can after that sync to mirror adjustments.

Functions ideal with 2 Macs, never ever attempted it with a COMPUTER.

2019-05-08 06:34:22