Numerous tags on songs in iTunes?

Exists any kind of plugin for iTunes making it feasible to mark the songs with numerous tags (not ID3-tags or style)? Similar to does, e.g. "soft digital african female-vocalist"? Styles are so entirely pointless to make use of as a songs categorizer.

I make use of iTunes a whole lot for syncing numerous iDevices and also streaming songs to the Airport Express, so I'm not actually curious about a different application, despite the fact that I could be if it sustains essentially every little thing iTunes does and also have some even more attributes, yet additionally working with and also upgrading the iTunes collection.

A large incentive would certainly be if it's additionally permitting ordered tag frameworks.

2019-05-05 14:46:09
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While it will not please the ordered attribute you would certainly such as, the Grouping (or perhaps the Comment) area in iTunes can be made use of to hold tags. Preferably you would certainly intend to do something to make the tag constantly one-of-a-kind by dividing by a comma or claim <> around words. You can after that make use of a Smart Playlist to filter for this tag. (Grouping has).

There is an incomplete program called QuickTag that leverages that capacity and also makes it less complicated to mark.

There is additionally a tip on that demonstrates how you can order Last.FM's tags and also use them to the existing having fun track. You'll require to change their manuscript a little - particularly to make use of the group or comment area (and also match anything unique you've done, eg. <>s around words) as opposed to the style. The different Perl variation functioned faster than the initial manuscript for me.

2019-05-08 11:11:52