What applications in base Android can be changed?

I've seen that you can change the default launcher application with something like LauncherPro, the onscreen key-board with Swype or ShapeWriter, and also I've come across others. Does any person have a checklist of all default applications in the base Android OS (variation 2.2 favored) that can be changed?

2019-05-03 23:40:11
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Answers: 1
  • Keyboard can be changed
  • Browser can be changed (Opera, xScope (i like), Dolphin HD, etc)
  • Launcher can be changed
  • Gallery can be changed (3d gallery is my favored)
  • Camera can be changed (Camera 360 (drains pipes battery like insane), Retro Camera, etc)
  • Hell you can also change the bit if you root.
  • Not an application, yet you can add search carriers like obtaining the DuckDuckGo application which permits you to look making use of all search devices, yet ddg vs google.
2019-05-08 23:22:07