Just how do I mimic the "Replaces:" function of a Debian plan in an RPM?

I require to make use of NSCD, the Name Service Caching Daemon, to decrease load on our LDAP web server, on my SLES10 systems. In my experience, the default nscd, provided as component of GNU LibC, is waste, and also will certainly damage badly every couple of hrs. Therefore, making use of a substitute, such as unscd or gnscd is required.

There aren't plans for either of these in SLES10, so assembling up a plan is called for. Nonetheless, there's a trouble with AppArmor - in SLE10, each and every single application has actually had its AppArmor account combined with each other right into one large "apparmor-profiles" plan, as opposed to allowing each plan give its very own account - and also unscd/gnscd do not collaborate with the accounts in apparmor-profiles.

When making a Debian plan, it's feasible to define a partnership called Replaces:, which claims "I recognize I include the very same documents as this various other plan, yet I can overwrite their documents as long as their variation matches this check". Therefore, I can claim something like "Replaces: apparmor-profiles (<= 2.0.1-20.20.16)" in my specification documents, and also I can easily change any kind of documents from the apparmor-profiles plan.

Just how would certainly I do the very same with RPM, except recompiling my very own apparmor-profiles plan with the documents got rid of, or compeling the plan via the rpm command (which is requesting for troubles in the future)?

2019-05-05 15:10:23
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I do not assume RPM has an analogue attribute. RPM has an "Obsoletes" attributes, yet that's for changing one plan with an additional plan with a various name. You have the ability to have numerous RPM's very own a solitary object, yet that is primarily made use of for directory sites, like/ etc/bash _ completion.d, relying on what distro you make use of : they all have a little various packaging standards.

2019-05-08 12:54:35