Exists a means to share/synchronize calls in between Google accounts?

My better half and also I each have our very own Google make up Gmail, schedule, and so on

. Clearly, we understand several of the very same individuals. We would certainly such as to maintain the call details for those individuals shared or at the very least integrated in between our accounts. Yet not every one of our calls.

What are our alternatives?

(Sharing schedules is so very easy. I desire it was as very easy on Google Contacts.)

2019-05-05 15:11:55
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I make use of Soocial to maintain my calls synced in between Google accounts. I make use of Google applications for my email, yet additionally make use of a Google Voice account. This is the most convenient means I've located until now to maintain my calls in sync.

Addendum : Soocial.com is shutting down July 31, 2013

2019-05-09 05:49:08

It shows up that Google Contacts is just one of the solutions which does not have a sharing option, but does have a data transfer option.

Moving information in between 2 Google accounts would certainly entail exporting and also importing.

Update : One choice would certainly be to set up a Google Apps account and also make use of among the workarounds to share contact information.

2019-05-08 07:22:24