Clock to make use of when offering discussions

When I offer discussions, I need to watch on the clock to see to it my speech does not take greater than alloted time, or ultimately to recognize whether I can take extra inquiries.

Considering my watch is bothersome, I would certainly favor my Android phone's huge screen to:

  • Simply present the moment (as an example 14:28).
  • Not enter into standby setting.
  • Hugest typeface feasible, black on white, landscape.

Appears unimportant. Exists such an application?
Top priority to free applications, largest top priority to open resource applications.

2019-05-03 23:41:11
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Answers: 2

I make use of Stopwatch & Timer Goes complete screen when you become landscape alignment, additionally I made use of the lap times when we needed to offer a group discussion.

2019-05-13 15:00:51

Digital Clock does virtually every little thing you ask. Overlook the rubbish image from the web page, it is a full-screen clock with white message on black and also it's free.

To configure it as you require, release the application, after that open the setups (touch the screen to open the alternatives after that touch Settings ) after that set :

  • Clock - > Screen timeout to uncontrolled.
  • Clock - > Orientation to Landscape .
  • Time & Date - > Show day to uncontrolled.

You can additionally readjust the moment layout and also colour if you desire. The moment has to do with half the screen elevation, yet I can conveniently read it on my phone from greater than 20ft away to make sure that might not be a trouble.

2019-05-07 17:28:44