Can I install a complete duplicate of Snow Leopard on an Apple TELEVISION?

I have both a reputable, store-bought retail certificate for OS X Snow Leopard, and also I possess an Apple TELEVISION.
(Neither were swiped, replicated, and so on;-)

Is it feasible to install OS X Snow Leopard on an Apple TELEVISION?

If so, just how, or where can I locate even more details?

p.s. I uncommitted concerning my service warranty; it's lengthy gone.

2019-05-05 15:31:09
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If you have an old AppleTV it might be possible, yet to me it appears a little bit like a hack. And also I would not go to all shocked if the certificate does not permit it. Your Snow Leopard certificate is possibly an upgrade certificate for Leopard (Apple does not market hardware without OS, so they just market upgrade licenses I assume), and also I question the Apple TELEVISION runs the default variation of Leopard.

If you can install Snow Leopard after that do not make use of updates, as the bit requires to be changed :)

2019-05-09 07:04:18

In enhancement to my tirade solution, I had a look at this thread and also did a little skimming. Seems Like Snow Leopard is not sustained as a result of some unreleased bit headers. Not exactly sure why that would certainly matter taking into consideration Snow Leopard works on in need of support x86/ 64 equipment, yet there it gets on web page 8 from some individuals that clearly have actually invested a great deal of time with this.

So presumably that there are software concerns along with the slow-moving equipment.

NONETHELESS, it resembles the abovementioned string offers a fair bit of sensible details on obtaining Leopard to run! Could be the means to go given that Leopard has lower system needs anyhow.

2019-05-09 05:04:28

Maybe if this is feasible, an AppleTV do not have all the hardware need for Snow Leopard, as it requires 1G of RAM. The cpu is additionally just 1 GHz (possibly a little bit extra, relies on your variation) and also the most affordable Intel cpu improved an iMac was a 1.83 GHz Core Duo.

So, also if you attain to install Snow Leopard on your AppleTV (allow claim you remove the disk, install Mac OS X on it, after that connect it in back), it will certainly be actually slow-moving.

2019-05-08 07:05:35

I'm rather certain it would not function "by default" (i.e. without a bit and also bootloader hack ). You could have the ability to run it making use of OSx86, yet I'm actually not exactly sure.

Like Studer claimed, also if you attain to install Snow Leopard on your Apple TELEVISION, it will certainly be actually slow-moving.

2019-05-07 19:52:36