Attaching PPPOE DSL modem to server?

I'm establishing a clear proxy/filter server, I've run into several concerns.

My Question. With a PPPOE DSL modem just how do I bargain a link from my server. I am placing the server in between the modem and also the router (currently simply a button and also wifi AP)

The router did the PPPOE login for me.

My modem can be taken into the adhering to settings. PPPOE on modem, PPPOE on computer system (router), & bridge.

I assumed I can connect to the modem with a fixed IP with my 2nd NIC with the PPPOE on the modem. This really did not appear to function. As an example the modem's ip is so I set a fixed IP of This has actually operated in the past to connect and also set up the modem.
Any kind of aid would certainly be wonderful!

2019-05-05 15:49:22
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Answers: 2

You possibly require your server approximately do the pppoe verification. Consider these instructions. I assume they will certainly aid you to do this,

2019-05-08 08:07:24

Maybe you will certainly require the pppoeconf command.

2019-05-08 07:22:51