Can I transform the application icon of an Automator manuscript?

I have actually developed a number of automator manuscripts. I was curios if there is a means to transform the application icon, on those manuscripts, to something apart from the robotic.

2019-05-05 15:56:33
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I located a hacky means to do it after you have actually developed the applet

  • (Create your icns icon documents - nonetheless you desire)
  • Open Applications Folder
  • Right - click automator manuscript
  • Click on sight plan materials
  • Add your icon to sources folder
  • Rename it to AutomatorApplet.icns

I make certain there is a far better means, yet I identified just how to do it in this manner.

2019-05-08 11:06:36

You can additionally transform the icon equally as you would generally for any kind of various other folder or documents in Mac OS X :

  1. Copy the photo you intend to make use of as your icon. Preferably it needs to be 512x512 currently.
  2. Pick Get Info on the file/folder/app in Finder
  3. Click on the Icon and also you'll see a blue synopsis on the icon - currently push Command - V or pick Paste from the Edit food selection.

(Screenshot extracted from Super User inquiry 37811)

2019-05-08 11:03:24

After the manuscript has actually been developed do the adhering to :

  1. Find the resource application with the icon you desire

  2. Get Info of the resource application (cmd - i)

  3. Click on the icon inside the resource application's details window ( Not the one in the large Preview area near the bottom, if you have among those ; the youngster in the leading - left edge.)

  4. Replicate it (cmd - c)

  5. Get Info of the automator manuscript (i.e., the location application ) (cmd - i)

  6. Click on the icon inside the location application's details window

  7. Paste the icon from the clipboard (cmd - v)

This method benefits every documents in Mac OS X.

picture to illustrate instructions

2019-05-08 06:47:06