Ubuntu 10.04 server as a transparent proxy filter (plus dans guardian)

I've mounted the Server on a desktop computer with 2 network cards. I've mounted dnsmasq, squid, shorewall, ssh, and also dansguardian.

just how do I get this tool to talk with DSL modem and also my network (via my router)

I've set up the network cards to different networks. I've set up the DHCP/DNC setups (I did not install dhcp3-server, making use of dnsmasq).

I've attempted adhering to these guidelines as overview line. http://taksuyama.com/?p=16

Any kind of aid would certainly be wonderful. These are wonderful tools when they benefit residences with children!

2019-05-05 15:59:23
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If you currently have a router linked to your DSL modem using the router's "net" port, after that this makes complex points. Basically you intend to change that router with a linux router that has actually the wanted capacities.

So the advised arrangement would certainly be

(net) = - - - - = [dsl modem ] = - - - - = [server w/ 2 nics ] = - - - - - = [LAN port of router/wifi AP/etc ] - - - > every one of your computer systems

Doing it in this manner need to make the connected HOWTO job. You'll require to disable DHCP and also UPnP on the router also, as that might hinder your Linux's server's performance.

2019-05-08 10:14:26

You can configure your firewall program (shorewall) as if all outward bound plans that stand for internet website traffic, i.e. ports 80, 443 will certainly be sent to the very same host ( and also the port on which your dansguardian procedure is paying attention also. In this manner there is no straight link for these ports to the outdoors any longer, yet all are filteringed system by dansguardian.

2019-05-08 08:21:14