What are the links in between Portal series story and also Half-Life collection story?

I listened to a great deal of reports concerning Portal series and also Half-Life collection stories relationship yet I really did not located any kind of link.

Can you define which relationships exists in between this 2 tales?

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This page has a timeline of the competition in between Black Mesa and also Aperture Science

In HL2 Ep 2, You are outlined an aperture ship called Borealis, it is recommended that this ship will certainly show up in episode 3.

So both video games happen in the very same cosmos, and also Valve appear to be linking both tales. There has actually additionally been rumour of a portal weapon showing up in episode 3

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Aperture Science (which is the company that created the Portal weapon) remains in straight competitors with Black Mesa (which is the company for which Gordon Freeman functioned) for army agreements

See the area Other realities on this link

Aperture Science and also Black Mesa were bitter opponents. As seen in the Portal maps "testchmb_a_15" and also "escape_02", Aperture Science staff members were oriented on Black Mesa via slide show discussions, such as one labelled "Dollar$ and also Sense : Competing with Black Mesa for DoD and also Government - vast Acquisition Contracts"

EDIT : Here's a superb overview on Half Life : http://members.shaw.ca/halflifestory/ Look into the timeline for an outstanding information of all occasions in the Half Life legend, and also in all-time low a little supposition to its relationship to Portal :

The day that the occasions of Portal happen aren't particular. We do recognize that GLaDOS claims to Chell : " Are you attempting to run away? [chuckle ] Things have actually transformed given that the last time you left the structure. What's taking place out will certainly make you desire you were back in below. I have a boundless ability for expertise, and also also I'm not exactly sure what is taking place exterior. All I recognize is I'm the only point standing in between us and also them. Well, I was. Unless you have a prepare for constructing some supercomputer components in a large rush, this area isn't mosting likely to be secure a lot longer." This indicates that the video game happens throughout the Portal Storms or after that.

This website is not main yet it's a wonderful evaluation IMO.

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