Is their a 'rubbing free' means to transform RAID1 to RAID5?

What's the most effective means to transform Linux software program RAID 1 array to RAID 5? ( I have actually currently acquired the 3rd Hard Disc!)

2019-05-05 16:11:24
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Before doing anything of this type back up your information to different media and also validate the back-up using sha1sum.

The procedure from there would certainly resemble

  • Break the RAID1 matching to make sure that among the drives is free
  • Add the 3rd drive to your system
  • Create an abject RAID5 out of the new drive and also the one without the RAID1
  • Copy the information over to the RAID5 quantity
  • Add the RAID1 disk to the RAID5 quantity, and also offer it a lot of time to integrate itself effectively.
  • Validate that the information on the new quantity matches the back-up

I've thought that you're making use of Linux's software RAID assistance, in which instance every one of this would certainly be taken care of by the mdadm command.

2019-05-08 07:43:45

Many wonderful RAID controllers can take a RAID 1 array, and also when you add an additional drive, permit you to transform it on the fly to RAID5, certainly, currently two times the size.

The AMI/LSI based controllers have been doing this for a couple of years (is it a years yet?). Dell PERC's, Compaq/HP's Smart Array controllers have actually usually made use of these chipsets.

2019-05-08 07:00:49