At the end of Dreamfall, what is the destiny of April Ryan and also Zoe Castillo?

At the end of Dreamfall, April Ryan (looters concealed)

shows up to have actually been eliminated, and also Zoe remains in a coma.

Exist any kind of tips throughout the video game that their destiny is actually various than what it seems externally?

2019-05-05 16:14:55
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Unfortunatly there is some supposition regarding whether there will certainly be a follow up. The head author Ragnar Tørnquist appears to be really associated with obtaining Funcom's most recent offering The Secret World MMO created and also released. He has actually nonetheless shown that an anecdotal layout of Dreamfall Chapters is drifting about at Funcom. I confine a passage of what he claimed as his blog site appears to be to link to:

Nothing significant is presently taking place on Dreamfall Chapters. Individuals that will certainly be entailed when it does take place-- myself consisted of-- are locked up in various other tasks, largely The Secret World. TSW will certainly remain to be my (and also their) key emphasis for some time much longer ... yet that does not suggest absolutely nothing in all is occurring with Chapters. It simply suggests that it's not (at the very least not formally) in manufacturing-- in the meantime.

2019-05-12 00:40:44

It's a cliffhanger. They're intending to do a follow up, so the personalities can not all be dead/incapacitated. I'm rating the very least Zoe is mosting likely to appear of the coma in some way and also April could not be entirely dead nevertheless.

According to wikipedia work with the follow up has not (yet? ) started, so there's absolutely nothing clear-cut on the destiny of the personalities.

2019-05-07 19:05:27