Exists a non-Rosetta application for Snow Leopard comparable to Hotspot Shield?

Exists any kind of application comparable to Hotspot Shield that I can make use of in Snow Leopard without calling for Rosetta?

For those that do not recognize, Hotspot Shield gives a VPN accessibility so you can surf anonymously on the internet.

2019-05-05 16:28:41
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It does not rely upon the very same system, yet the Tor Project can gives you privacy while attached to the net.

It totally functions under Snow Leopard without Rosetta.


With this sort of software programs, the last node of the system (last Tor node or the VPN firm) can, practically (recognize "if it desires"), see all your information experiencing it!

The system gives privacy not safeguard link!

The link is safeguarded in between you and also the last node at the minimum, the remainder relies on you.

So, constantly make use of safe and secure links (SSH, SSL/TLS, ...) when making use of these systems.

Incidentally, the very same concept use with your ISP, you simply need to pick a person to trust fund!

2019-05-08 08:22:47