In Batman: Arkham Asylum, that is the detainee in the area where Warden Sharpe is caged?

In Batman: Arkham Asylum in the Cell Block area when you save Warden Sharpe (And receive the protection cyberpunk) there is a detainee caged in a red straight coat.

He can not be checked, does not claim anything (yet makes a weird breathing audio) and also appears to be extra thorough than various other ruffians.

That is this detainee and also does he stand for anything?

2019-05-05 16:39:16
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He is the winner of the "A life in Arkham" (or "Your face in Arkham", not exactly sure) competition from Gamestop, where the first reward was to have your face in the video game :

Pre - order a duplicate of Batman : Arkham Asylum in any kind of GameStop store in between September 8th and also October 15th, and also you can win an opportunity to be celebrated inside the well known Arkham Asylum. One fortunate victor will certainly have his/her face and also similarity developed as an in - video game personality, secured within Arkham Asylum for the remainder of their days.

So he's not a well-known bad guy, just a gamer incorporated in the video game. This clarifies additionally why he appears extra detailled, he is made from real images (of the face, at the very least).

I can not locate proper resources for this, just a couple of blog posts on some discussion forums, due to the fact that the initial GameStop web page is not legitimate any longer.

2019-05-08 07:19:21