Is it feasible to lower the disk space called for to install Mac OS X 10.6?

I was wanting to install Mac OS X on a flash-based drive I have, yet it's just 4GB. The installer informs me there's not nearly enough vacuum, yet it does not define just how much I require free.

  1. Does any person recognize the specific minimum?
  2. Is it feasible to create a personalized install with just the bare essentials and also install within 4GB?
2019-05-05 16:49:49
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When mounting Mac OS 10.6 "Snow Leopard" you can click "Customize" and also remove Printer Support, Additional Fonts, Language Translations, Rosetta, X11 and also Quicktime. That removes 3+GB and also leaves 'Essential System Software' which calls for 8.01 GB.

If you intend to get it on a smaller sized drive you will not have the ability to make use of the Install CD. You'll need to delete a lot more and afterwards make a specific duplicate.

2019-05-31 22:44:16

I do not recognize what the outright minimum is. Isn't it created on the DVD box?

Nonetheless, there are clearly things that you can remove from the install to reclaim numerous hundred megabytes. I'm not exactly sure you can fit Snow Leopard in 4 GB, however. 8 GB needs to be viable.

  • Added languages and also application styles are not essential and also are rather massive (string them making use of Monolingual or something like that) ;
  • The iLife applications (GarageBand, iPhoto, iMovie & iMovie HD, iDVD) and also iTunes rack up greater than 1 GB with each other ;

There are possibly much more you can remove off. My call would certainly be to make an additional dividing on your key drive (possibly 15 - 20 GB), install Mac OS there and also attempt to remove things till it obtains under 4 GB. After that, replicate it to your drive with Carbon Copy Cloner and also it need to be bootable.

2019-05-08 09:20:43

The minimum install that comes off the DVD is ~ 6 gigabytes. If you intend to make a smaller sized install, the most convenient point to do is install it on an additional partition, bring down the installment, after that replicate it over to the target drive making use of ditto or Carbon Copy Cloner.

Though I do not advise doing any one of these, there are a number of point mounted in the default system that can be cut bent on conserve room :

  1. All application binaries are mounted 2 means fat (32 little bit Intel, 64 little bit Intel), and also you can understandably remove 32 little bit Intel. The only Intel Macs delivered that do not sustain 64 little bit userspace are the initial MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and also MacBook 2006. You can make use of a program like Xslimmer to do this.
  2. All structures are mounted 3 means fat (32 little bit and also 64 little bit Intel, and also 32 little bit PPC). The PPC little bits are there for Rosetta also if you do not have actually the emulator installled. You can remove PPC if you are not mosting likely to make use of any kind of appc applications. Once more, Xslimmer does this.
  3. All Mac OS X mounts include the full set of vehicle drivers essential for all Macs sustained by that OS at the time it delivered. A variety of drives might not be essential for your certain Machine, and also can be cut out, yet doing so is reasonably made complex.
  4. If you have actually numerous localization mounted you can remove them. Xslimmer can do this, as can Monolingual.
  5. If yo are actually gutsy you can construct an mkext and also delete OS X's vehicle drivers directory site totally. An mkext is a package of kexts usually made use of as component of netbooting, yet the bootloader can utilize it too off a regular disk too. It will certainly leave out any kind of vehicle driver not required too a system, and also be brought down to a solitary style. On my system that would certainly conserve ~ 300MB. If the complete vehicle drivers aren't there, after that some tools could not function, yet anything required too needs to be.
  6. You can start removing programs in/ Applications, yet the system thinks those exist, some things might not function effectively.
  7. Disk Utility by default leaves added room for sure points on drives bigger than a particular dimension. It is recorded here. On a 4GB drive there there is ~ 328 MBs shed in this way.

    200MB of it is for the ESP partition. The ESP is scrape room made use of under uncommon conditions for the boot procedure. Eliminating it could create troubles mounting firmware updates, yet it possibly will not, and also you possibly will not see it.

    There is additionally 128MB of unformatted room after the HFS+ partition. That is that there to assist in LVM procedures (resizing dividings), and also might be essential in particular side instances when running the installer (if the installer requires a portion of adjoining room for something that is not a regular documents throughout an OS upgrade, and also it can not locate the room within the FS it can expand it). You can possibly remove it, yet it could make it hard to run the installer straight versus the drive. Certainly, offered what you need to do to get 10.6 onto the drive, the probabilities that you can simply run a 10.7 updater versus when that appears appear really reduced anyhow.

    In order to format the drive in this manner you will certainly require to hand construct the partition map with the commandline gpt device.

Having claimed that, the above will possibly not bring down OS X sufficient to match a 4GB flash drive. Also if it did, OS X requires some short-lived room (a pair hundred megs) to function, and also by default that gets on the boot drive. While it is imaginable you can write a boot manuscript to locate a drive inside the system and also utilize it for temperature room (factor/ private/tmp there, and also establishing the up the default pager), that is reasonably made complex. I am presuming this is a recuperation drive for a laboratory or something, in which instance you do not desire this install to annoy drives in the system it boots. If you require too on a series of equipments it additionally suggests cutting out vehicle drivers is considerably extra difficult and also minimal.

Inevitably, you are a lot far better off simply acquiring a 8GB flash drive. That is huge sufficient to duplicate a regular installment, and also will certainly conserve you days of job.

2019-05-08 09:07:53

I simply checked /Library and also /System and also /usr with GrandPerspective to locate large documents. Below is my searchings for :

662 Mb /Library/Printers
 52 Mb /Library/Fonts/STHeiti Medium.ttc
 58 Mb /Library/Dictionaries/Shogakukan Progressive English-Japanese...
382 Mb /System/Library/Speech/Voices/Alex.SpeechVoice
 52 Mb /System/Library/Fonts/STHeiti Light.ttc
 34 Mb /System/Library/Fonts/Aqua Kana.ttc

In complete 1.2 Gb. I presume these documents can be securely removed if it's for an USB stick.

2019-05-08 08:56:19