Just how can I make use of cygwin without throwing away HD room?

I enjoy making use of Cygwin, yet I despise every one of the added disk space it appears to make use of caching things I do not require. What can I delete to maintain my installment impact as tiny as feasible?

On a relevant note, what is an excellent barebones set of plans that will offer me the basics, without fluff that I'll possibly never ever run?

2019-05-05 16:57:32
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I can not make use of Windows without mounting Cygwin, yet I've never ever actually had way too much of a trouble with it making use of disk room though. I assume you can delete the folder Cygwin shops the plans in yet every single time you upgrade Cygwin it will certainly download and install the plans it requires.

When it comes to a barebones arrangement, it actually relies on what you require. I start with the base Cygwin install and also add OpenSSH, Cron, RXVT, Screen, Vim, Git, Curl, Zip/Unzip, and also Wget. Those are most all the devices I require, yet I simply install another thing if the demand emerges.

2019-05-08 11:11:35