Belkin Bluetooth and also Wireless USB Adapter

I have a Windows XP (SP3) equipment with a Belkin F8T012 USB adapter linked into it. I additionally have a Belkin F8T031 Wireless USB Printer Adapter with an HP 5900 DeskJet linked into it. Everytime I attempt to publish I get asked to enter the pairing code. I read in the documents for the F8T012 that some tools make use of 0000 or 1234 as a default. Neither of these job.

I made use of these very same Belkin tools and also printer on a Windows 2000 and also a Windows Vista arrangement and also had no worry ; printing functioned flawlessly. I can not get it to work with my Windows XP equipment.

I have uninstalled and also re - mounted the Bluetooth software program (both ver and also

What else can I attempt?

2019-05-09 11:05:48
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