Birthday alerts for a select team of close friends on Facebook

I do not intend to be alerted concerning every close friend's birthday celebration on Facebook. There are just numerous birthday celebrations that I intend to be alerted of. Exists any kind of means to filter these messages in some way (as an example by including the close friends to a checklist) and also have it just advise me of these birthday celebrations (using email)?

2019-05-09 11:08:33
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If you make use of Yahoo mail there is a means of doing this. In Yahoo Contacts you can import your Face Book Contacts. Once they are imported you will certainly will need to go per person that you would certainly like your birthday celebration updates from and also pick to "Get Updates" They will certainly get a demand to permit you to get the updates. as soon as this is done you will certainly get the updaes from a team of close friends right into your yahoo mail box. If you do not make use of yahoo after that you can set up a forwarding regulation to onward the updates to your Email Address.

2019-05-11 23:05:20