C/C+npls collection for reviewing MIDI signals from a USB MIDI tool

I intend to write C/C+npls programs that take input from a MIDI tool.

The MIDI tool attaches to my COMPUTER making use of a USB adapter.

I'm seeking a (C/C+npls applied) collection that I can make use of to read the MIDI signals from the MIDI tool via the USB port.

I'm satisfied adjusting the MIDI information once I get it, I simply do not intend to need to implement the code for its capture.

I'm intending on creating my code making use of the Bloodshed Dev - C+npls IDE on Windows XP.

2019-05-09 11:09:40
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Check out the open resource task LMMS. It's a songs workshop for Linux that consists of the capacity to make use of MIDI key-boards with software program tools. If you dig about in source files with 'midi' in the name, you'll possibly locate what you're seeking.

2019-05-12 08:19:31