Easy means to AJAX WebControls

I've obtained an internet application that I'm attempting to maximize. Several of the controls are concealed in dialog - design DIVs. So, I would certainly such as to have them load in using AJAX just when the customer intends to see them. This is great for controls that are primarily actual - based (numerous food selections and also widgets), yet when I have what I call "unclean" controls - ones that write considerable details to the ViewState, placed lots of CSS or manuscript on the web page, call for great deals of referrals etc - these are apparently difficult to relocate "out of web page", specifically taking into consideration just how ASP.NET will certainly respond on postback.

I was taking into consideration some sort of action where I bypass Render, locate pens for the little bits I intend to vacate and also place AJAX placeholders therein, yet not just does the web server expenses appear severe, it additionally seems like a full hack. Besides, the crucial element below are the dialog boxes which contain kinds with recognition controls on them, and also I can not visualize just how I would certainly relocate the controls and also their called for manuscripts.

In my fevered creative imagination, I intend to do this :


Sadly, I recognize this is a desire.

Just how close can I actually reach a fast - and also - very easy AJAXification without creating way too much load on the web server?

2019-05-09 11:10:10
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Answers: 2

Step one is to make your "unclean" items self had customer controls

Step 2 is to install those controls on your consuming web page

Step 3 is to cover each customer control tag in their very own Asp: UpdatePanel

Step 4 is to guarantee your control obtains the information it requires by having it read from buildings which examine versus the viewstate for pre - existing values. I recognize this makes your code rely upon hideous international variables yet it's a rapid means to get this done.

Your gas mileage might differ.

2019-05-12 10:49:27

Check out the RadAjax control from Telerik - it permits you to stay clear of making use of UpdatePanels, and also restrict the quantity of details passed to and fro in between web server and also customer by proclaiming straight partnerships in between calling controls, and also regulates that need to be "Ajaxified" when the calling controls send postbacks.

2019-05-12 10:48:57