Is there an internet application that can take a photo of a public wiki and also transform it right into an offline aid submit like.chm?

I would certainly enjoy if there was a very easy means to take a photo of a public wiki and also transform it right into a local documents. Ideally had within a file like a.chm, and also not simply a website hole of a huge quantity of.html documents.

I recognize most wiki applications featured exports to PDF, and also there's software program around that you can acquire which permits you to export to aid documents. I'm seeking an application that can do that without the need of the software program.

This would certainly be for a wiki I possess, none offered one around. Suggesting I have accessibility to the data source/ internet documents etc

2019-05-09 11:11:37
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No Web apps an you would certainly require a mix of devices to do it offline. Additionally most internet sites would certainly stop you from doing this. The majority of websites will certainly shield their web content from having the ability to be entirely downloaded and install.

2019-05-10 06:38:22

There's an article on Google Code concerning just how to add offline assistance to any kind of internet - web page. The writer made use of wikipedia as an instance. There's a userscript which relies upon Google Gears - a currently - deprecated internet browser plugin. The manuscript hasn't been upgraded for HTML5 (and also probably never ever will certainly) yet it needs to function *.

[ * ] I have not attempted it myself however.

2019-05-10 06:35:45