Is there a means to demonstrate how many individuals are following me on Twitter and also a typical "Follow me on Twitter" switch?

Presently I'm making use of a personalized (instead hideous) photo:

Is there something extra standard?

Can I demonstrate how many individuals follow me on Twitter, equally as the 'Like' switch demonstrates how many individuals like my website?

2019-05-09 11:12:48
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Answers: 2

Twitter currently formally supplies a Tweet button which demonstrates how many individuals have actually tweeted the URL of the existing web page it gets on (or an additional web page if your tailor-make it).

2019-05-21 05:58:57

A "Like" on Facebook is generally is a "Star" (or "include in faves") on Twitter. For a review of tweets that obtained celebrities, appears to be one of the most usual website. As long as it has to do with solitary tweets the celebrity appears to be the well-known icon of "I such as".

When it involves simply connecting to a relevant Twitter account, I presume there are numerous switch - like images that Twitter provides for connecting.

Similar to this one , which looks comparable to your personalized one.

I wish this is handy, or else it appears I did not totally recognize what you were seeking.

2019-05-17 21:01:22