OpenBSD installation on 2 pieces

What if I actually require OpenBSD to be mounted on 2 pieces (on digital equipment and also except manufacturing objectives):

  • /
  • swap

as opposed to 6:

  • /
  • swap
  • / tmp
  • / var
  • / usr
  • / residence

I intend that I must create all that folders on origin fs yet just how can I do that throughout installation?

Please do not replicate fdisk/ installation guidebooks in your solutions.

2019-05-09 11:17:21
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As your Question claims that this is for a screening arrangement, I would certainly claim Go for it!

Not managing the inconsistencies of which dividing system is optimum, can actually conserve you time and also disk room (as an example that 5G you separated for/ etc is thrown away room when you've just obtained 10G or much less to have fun with.)

OpenBSD functions simply great with a solitary piece for collaborating with, and also it will instantly create the directory sites/ residence,/ var, et. al. within the/ (origin) partition/slice.

Throughout Installation - Create the solitary origin dividing

When you select to make use of the all of 'driveX' throughout the installation, you can have a look at the dividings presently in operation:

At the ">" motivate you can type:

p g

to see existing dividings and also their appropriations (g for revealing the result in Gigabit devices)

On a tidy drive, it will just show the 'c' dividing, or relying on the installer (4.6 npls) or made use of drive, there might alloted dividings for you.

You can adhere to sh - beta is guidelines over ('D' or would certainly dividing' to delete the dividings, and also 'a dividing' to by hand create new dividings.)

Create the 'a' dividing for '/' (origin), and also create a 'b' dividing for swap (relying on what you plan to do with your examination system 'b' might or might not require to be of any kind of actual dimension.)

Continue installation as regular and also the OpenBSD install procedure will certainly create directory sites as required where in various other instances it would certainly be making use of dividings.

2019-05-17 14:28:12

Assuming you are running a current release, when you get the disklabel arrangement merely type:

  • D - this blanks the disklabels
  • a b - Give the wanted dimension of your swap dividing
  • a a - Assign the remainder to/

Folders and also such are developed instantly for you by the installer.

2019-05-17 03:20:09

When you run the OpenBSD installer, merely delete the various other pieces at the disklabel action, leaving simply a and also b. The installer will certainly still create the various other directory sites ; they simply will not be as firmly shielded. (For instance, generally OpenBSD establishes points like nodev for /home ; when on the very same quantity as /, which houses the /dev directory site, this is no more feasible.)

2019-05-11 21:57:56

I actually would not advise trying to create an install without a seperate/ residence partition. Having a different residence partition has substantial benefits when dealing with troubles, supporting and also recovering or re-installing the whole system.

2019-05-10 07:37:00

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