Expiring Inactive User Accounts

I intend to have some method of establishing which customer accounts have actually continued to be extra for a particular amount of time, lock the accounts, and afterwards after a more duration, delete the accounts (alerting the customer at each action).

These customer accounts (in my instance) can be made use of for ssh, ftp, pop3, and also webmin/usermin - so any kind of task of any kind of type should note the account as energetic

How can I establish merely which accounts have been extra (for anything) for a particular amount of time?

I have actually created a personalized manuscript that analyzes numerous logfiles (one for each and every sort of login) on a daily basis to establish that has actually had any kind of task that day. Yet I believe this is not the ideal means to do this.

Is this the most effective means to do this, or exists a less complex means (or probably a typical energy ) to complete this?

2019-05-09 11:17:32
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I have actually created a manuscript that checks all the relevent logs daily, makes a checklist of individuals that have actually had any kind of task that day, and also keeps data source (simply a message documents) of customers and also the last time they visited.

After that I have a 2nd manuscript that checks out the data source for days greater than x days earlier, an alerts the customer and also manager 2 weeks before securing the account. And also if there are any kind of days greater than x+y days earlier, removes the account completely.

This appears to be benefiting me - yet I would love to make use of a non - exclusive remedy if one is readily available.

2019-05-17 05:39:16

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