Export Contacts from Facebook - - The Painless Methods

Is there a reasonably pain-free means to export contacts from Facebook?

I'm aiding my better half get call details for her network. I've read the response to this relevant inquiry on getting FB contacts into gMail yet:

  • That greasemonkey manuscript is way also made complex for my. better half
  • This individual confesses that he hardly recognized what he was doing when he created the device
  • According to his latest upgrade,. facebook has actually transformed their website and also,. therefore, damaged his manuscript
  • I uncommitted where the information goes, it does not need to be gMail, I simply require it out of facebook. It can wind up in note pad for all I care!

I've read relevant inquiries that manage e-mail details yet I mostly require contact number.

There have to be a less complicated remedy for obtaining this done. Actually, my Android phone has a widget that admits to my facebook phone book so there MUST be some means to get this information out. It's so depressing that this isn't currently constructed right into facebook - - their walled yard can be so irritating.

Bounty included. If any person can offer me any kind of from another location valuable suggestions on just how to draw the contact number for my facebook contacts, I'll offer complete bounty.

2019-05-09 11:17:42
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I make use of a solution called MemoToo and also you can check out how I set it up on my blog.

A much easyer means is to make use of an organized solution like MemoToo and also you can check out how I set it up on my blog.

If you most likely to http://memotoo.com and also arrangement an account you can have your contacts synced with lots of solutions consisting of:

  • Outlook
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Calander
  • Facebook (One means)
  • LinkedIn (One means)
  • Windows Live Contacts
  • Yahoo Contacts
  • Twitter
  • Windows Mobile
  • Android
  • Plaxo
  • Soocial
  • SheduleWorld
  • UNYK
  • Vodafone 360 (this is a realy crap solution though)
  • And tones extra

Its additionally ver economical and also you just require to pay ₤ 12 each year if you have greater than 50 contacts. I have 2000+and also it function simply great.

I did have a number of hrs of De - ripping off to do afterwords with numerous solutions, once you have actually sone that as soon as all is excellent. The majority of dups can be removed, yet if you have a call on Facebook and also LinkedIn it is far better to combine them.

The trouble I have with the majority of sync device or manuscripts is that they are one-time afairs that leave tonds of matches when you re - run them. MemoToo recognizes which contacts get on numerous solutions and also automaticaly combines them as soon as you inform it that they coincide individual.

2019-05-18 00:54:43

Another means I located.


But it has actually included price based on the blog owner.

An advising : Using this strategy, regarding I recognize, will certainly send an e-mail per call's address welcoming that individual to additionally make use of Windows Live. This seems its price. This is not mentioned plainly by Windows Live, so I'm advising you below, and also I'm wishing Windows Live makes clear & gives decide - out alternative in the future. I still assume it's worth doing.

2019-05-17 10:27:34

I additionally have this demand, yet have actually not located an excellent remedy yet. Below is my semi - excruciating remedy:

First I signed up at Backupify, they create a backup of my Facebook information occasionally.
And also below is what I do when I intend to sync from Facebook to my personal digital assistant:

  1. In the Backupify, open the' * * *_ MetaData' documents, where * * * is your Facebook name.
  2. In each line of this documents, fetch facebook id, name, birthday celebration, existing area.

I in fact created an unimportant manuscript that removes the close friends whose facebook id is not currently in my personal digital assistant, to generate an HTML checklist of web links to the missing out on close friends' Facebook details web pages, where I can replicate - paste.

Obtaining the contact number instantly would possibly call for screen - scratching, which I do not do.

I have actually surrendered on:

  • Full automation.
  • Synchronization of contacts that I have currently in my personal digital assistant.

Yet I would certainly rejoice if a person featured a far better remedy.

2019-05-17 09:22:08

Use Yahoo

  1. http://address.yahoo.com/ Sign in to yahoo Address publication (create one if you do not have one)

  2. At the leading you will certainly see some FB symbol. Click that.

  3. You'll see an additional screen with FB/Gmail/etc symbols to import. Click FB

  4. Say yes to share your details

  5. Done

If it does not function, open your Facebook web page and also pick "Application Settings" under Account. Next remove the "Yahoo! Call Importer" application from your Facebook account and also attempt the actions once more.

As soon as in Yahoo, you can export to CSV too

2019-05-17 02:03:39