What setup creates OS X to allow you resize home windows behind the dock?

I've set up my reasonable share of Macs for many years, yet I've never ever had the ability to determine what establishing informs OS X that you're alright with having the ability to drag - resize a window up and down to make sure that it goes behind the dock (thinking the dock remains in its default placement at the end of the screen), in contrast to just having the ability to resize it up and down to make sure that it is touching the top of the dock's "room".

My job computer system is a 21" iMac Core 2 Duo and also it drives me insane due to the fact that I'll promptly drag - resize a window bigger by taking down and also to the right yet as opposed to remaining secured up and down over the dock it'll glide behind it which I do not such as so after that I've obtained ta agitate the window around to get it all back right into noticeable room ... my pc (6 core tower) does not have this trouble despite the fact that I've, from what I can inform, set it up virtually identically.

Both equipments running the most up to date variation of snow leopard.

Below's a video clip recorded from my equipment in the house revealing the window resize practices I favor. If it aids in all I can do an additional one from my job equipment tomorrow revealing the home windows resizing behind the dock.

2019-05-09 11:19:50
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No application will certainly ever before glide "ahead" of the Dock. You can resize applications that could cover component of the dock and also they will certainly continue to be listed below the dock. If you relocate or strike the "zoom" switch, the OS X window manager will instantly resize the window to remove the component that is covered by the dock.

A various actions can be observed if the dock is readied to "Auto - Hide" (cmd+alt+d). Given that the Dock is currently a "short-lived noticeable" object, home windows will certainly cover and also make use of that component, no matter the Dock's presence at the time of the resize.

UPGRADE : If the Dock is constantly noticeable, are you informing me that you can not order any kind of window (in this instance a Finder window) and also drag it like aware? (The red arrowhead is the computer mouse reminder that the SSHOT really did not capture). I was clicking and also dragging listed below the dock.

UPDATE II : As we began exploring, ends up that the adhering to holds true :

If OS X has a second display affixed and also this display's upright resolution is greater than the key display (where the menubar and also dock are), after that the Dock will certainly allow you resize "behind" it. I do not have adequate screen mixes to examine specifically when this takes place, yet it's clear to me that it just takes place when there's an exterior display.

Next is a shot of my setup. As you can see aware, the "void" in between the large vast screen and also the upright one on the right is what I assume creates the Dock to act similar to this. It looks like if the window manager takes the highest possible upright dimension when establishing the bounds. I do not recognize if this is an attribute or a bug.

UPDATE III * : Ok, for screening, I proceeded and also changed my Screen's setup (see image). I overemphasized the positioning due to the fact that I intended to see to it that there's no unusual countered acting. With the displays prepared like aware, my dock will certainly not allow me resize listed below it .

This perhaps addresses the "enigma" of why does this take place. I wish you can reproduce it and/or locate a means to function around the concern. For the document, I hardly ever face this due to the fact that I generally either vehicle hide the dock or usage SizeUp to move/arrange my home windows, and also it does not allow me place home windows behind the dock.

2019-05-10 07:39:10