Do I require to defrag MacOSX filesystems?

The equal linux inquiry advised me of the negative efficiency of my MacBookPro. I'm not also certain what the default FS nowadays is. I read someplace that there is a cron work which works on friday or saturday which does such things.

So do I require to defrag my disk? And also if, How would certainly I do that?

2019-05-05 17:15:33
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Adding to Glenn's solution, Amit Singh has actually done detailed screening and also created a device hfsdebug. In his results, he concludes:

Defragmentation on HFS+quantities need to not be essential in all, or rewarding, most of the times, due to the fact that the system appears to do a great work of avoiding/countering fragmentation.

2019-05-10 07:10:40

With the default documents system JHFS+ or Mac OS Extended (journaled), current variations of Mac OS X defragment some points instantly. Nonetheless, if you make use of huge documents or have a really complete disk you might gain from defragmenting.

If huge quantities of adjoining room are inhabited by numerous swapfiles at /private/var/vm after that reactivating the System can momentarily free the room made use of by almost among those documents, therefore perhaps permit various other sorts of documents to be created-- without fragmentation-- because room.

See "About disk optimization with Mac OS X"

iDefrag is one item detailed in Apple data source that additionally mentions it does not touch the "Hot Zone" which is a location of the disk made use of by OS X to maximize disk accessibility. They have a trial variation you can attempt.

2019-05-08 10:13:41