Is there a straightforward paste - to - save application?

I intend to promptly paste fragments of message and also web links to be conserved instantly. The key is rapid conserving, not watching conserved web content. Exclusive - by - default is a must, sharing capacities are plus. Any kind of pointers?

2019-05-09 11:23:11
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The ideal device for this is :

A more recent website that resembles is

2019-05-10 22:03:00

Paste things to your close friends :

Another application is github's idea, which has a command line user interface, also :


    $ man gist
    gist can be used to create gists on from the command line. 
    There are two primary methods of creating gists.
    If standard input is supplied, it will be used as the content of the 
    new gist. If FILE is provided, the content of that file will be used 
    to create the gist.
    Once your gist is successfully created, the URL will be copied to 
    your clipboard. If you are on OS X, gist will open the gist in your 
    browser, too.

gistexample :

$ echo "This gist was saved via command-line ..." | gist

See the outcome at :

Private ideas are additionally readily available.

2019-05-10 21:52:58

Zotero Plugin for Firefox, Saves message, web pages, documents promptly and also has the capacity to share points too.

2019-05-10 06:34:17

The term you are seeking is called a pastebin. [re :remarks ]

2019-05-10 06:23:55