Is there a means to get Google translate to offer you both the du/Sie and also tu/vous kinds in German/French?

When I key in "do you want to go?" right into Google Translate it offers me in French:

voulez - vous aller?

and also in German it offers me

willst du gehen?

Exists a means to transform the setups to make sure that it constantly offers both the individual and also respectful kind variation for all languages which have this particular?

2019-05-09 11:24:53
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Answers: 2

You need to make use of:

dost thou intend to go?

Which obtains (virtually) appropriately converted to

tu veux aller?

I do not assume there is a means to get both, as "you" is the respectful kind in english, and also google will certainly convert it to the respectful kind in various other languages

2019-05-12 07:35:16

Using "thou" occasionally aids, therefore does "you all", yet there is no fail-safe means to get the proper kind.

Google translate is based upon analytical reasoning (not architectural parsing/ replacement), so the vous/tu use is irregular.

you are really rather - > tu es très jolie

you are really wonderful - > vous êtes très belle

I can just guess "rather" is extra intimate than "wonderful" and also regularly run into with "tu" kinds in identical translations Google's formulas were educated on.

2019-05-12 02:34:55