ROM Manager - What Is It's Purpose?

I simply ended up rooting my phone (Moto Droid) for the very first time making use of the z4root application. It functioned wonderful (one - click, no computer system entailed). Nonetheless, prior to I start tinkering my phone, I intended to make a back-up of my phone so, in instance I actually mess up majestically, I can conveniently recoup back to a particular factor (AKA - I do not intend to block my phone).

As I read, I began reading about Nandroid back-ups. Nonetheless, it appears as though you require to install some type of ROM in order for it to take place. I explored that and also read about ROM Manager. Evidently several of the mods that feature the ROM Manager have the ability to arrangement the Nandroid back-up. I have a pair inquiries first, nonetheless.

  1. I saw ROM Manager requires a great deal of accessibility to your calls, accounts, etc Is that due to the fact that it's doing a complete back-up, or another thing rotten? (Yeah, I'm dubious.)
  2. Exists a less complicated means to back - up? I do not actually respect a new ROM (such as CynogenMod). I simply desired origin accessibility for a pair, really details factors.
  3. If Nandroid is the only good/correct means to backup a phone, am I dropping the appropriate path/process? Anything I should check into prior to I maintain going (such as Titanium Backup)?

Many thanks for any kind of aid you can give.

2019-05-09 11:29:03
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1) ROM Manager is the de facto application to do 2 details points : 1) Install a personalized recuperation 2) Install a personalized ROM (or bits. Look into ChevyNo1s bits for the Droid). You require to not bother with any kind of approval troubles with this application as virtually every rooted individual utilizes it. It is additionally an application given by Koush, that is a popular cyberpunk in the Android community (he ported CyanogenMod to the Droid).

2) You do not need to have a personalized rom to do a NANDROID back-up. Yet you do require a personalized recuperation. Download And Install ROM Manager. Blink "ClockworkMod Recovery". After that open ROM Manager once more. After that under "Backup and also Restore" do "Backup Current ROM". This will certainly run a NANDROID back-up of your phone. Do this ASAP. It is really vital to have a back-up of your phone right after you simply rooted it in instance you ever before require to recover your phone back to this state. A NANDROID back-up resembles taking a complete image/snapshot of your phone. With a NANDROID back-up in hand, you can after that trying out personalized ROMs (or anything, actually) with a safeguard of having the ability to return to the means your phone was. You can additionally execute a NANDROID back-up by entering into your Recovery when you boot your phone (press and also hold X on the Droid when powering on till you get the yellow triangular exclamation factor, after that push the Camera and also Volume Up switches to get the food selection to turn up).

3) NANDROID is the most effective to recover your phone to a previous state. I very advise Titanium Backup if you intend on switching over to a personalized ROM or ever before intend on cleaning and also refilling your phone (or if you require to re - install an application yet require to maintain its information). Titanium Backup will certainly allow you backup details applications (AND their information, just origin customers can do this!) and also recover them. So you can backup every one of your applications on Stock Android, install CyanogenMod, and afterwards make use of Titanium Backup to recover every one of your applications and also their information.

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2019-05-10 07:52:38

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