Is it feasible to install an application and also exclude several of its asked for permissions?

Periodically I intend to install an application which calls for particular permissions that I feel it actually should not require. Can I install the application without offering it these permissions? As an example, GPS area, phone state, net link, etc

Is it feasible to transform the permissions of an application once it is mounted?

2019-05-09 11:30:00
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There is an App Shield application. It basically repackages.apk with permissions gotten rid of from manifest. Great suggestion for supply, non rooted phones. Based on collisions (pressure shuts), however, similar to CyanogenMod (since variation 7).

Update: App Shield appears no more to be kept. It presently can be located in some "individual Aptoide databases", as an example at Mixal and also Karbyfio. It is advised to instead make use of something even more up - to - day currently.

2019-05-31 05:10:47

CyanogenMod 7 sustains this. It turned on by mosting likely to Settings->CyanogenMod Settings->Applications and also examining "Permission monitoring" since one of the most current construct. You can after that permit and also forbid permissions by picking an application from the application monitoring checklist (Settings->Applications->Manage applications). There is an article on endgaget with a Youtube demo.

Please note: This might be noticeable to some, yet refuting permissions to an application can have rather crash - tastic effects. However, if you have a tool that is sustained by CENTIMETERS and also you agree to root and also install it, you can appreciate approval - by - approval control (and also any kind of threats that feature it).

Actually, as a result of the collisions that the approval monitoring execution often tended to create, it was gotten rid of from the CyanogenMod codebase in variation 9. Nonetheless, one of the most current every night builds of CyanogenMod 10.1 currently include an attribute that has actually been referred to as "Privacy Guard". As opposed to obstructing applications from accessing information that they ask for, Privacy Guard will certainly give them with empty information.

As an instance, if an application running under Privacy Guard demands your calls checklist, CENTIMETERS will merely return a vacant checklist, creating the application to functionally think that you do not have actually any kind of calls saved on your phone.

2019-05-30 17:23:29

Prior to Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)

No. Without a personalized ROM it's an all - or - absolutely nothing event. Which becomes part of the factor Google urges programmers to make certain that they're requesting for the outright minimum permissions needed for the application to function.

Except obtaining the application code and also changing it, you either require to approve the accessibility demand or otherwise make use of the application. Some alternatives exist if your tool is rooted.

Android 4.3/ 4.4 (partially additionally 5. x)

There's a semi - surprise permissions supervisor (App Ops) that can be gotten to via a third-party app, yet does not call for origin or a personalized ROM. Android Police has actually covered it here.

Keep in mind, nonetheless, that Google has claimed that this was launched at fault, and also more recent variations of Android have once more impaired this.

Android 4.4+

Additionally to over stated App Ops , below you can additionally make use of the Xposed Framework (for Android 5+see here) with components like Xprivacy or Protect My Privacy. While this will certainly need your tool to be rooted, it supplies added capability.

Android 6+

marcioggs laid out functionalities provided in Android M in a different solution.

2019-05-10 18:57:45