Switch customer falls short to finish efficiently

Switching customers is not trusted ; when switching over customers, usually when going back to the first logged - on customer, the computer system winds up an empty screen and also I have to transform it totally off with the power switch. Success is rather most likely if a minimum of programs are running. I favor a full log - off, as it is.

Due to the fact that there is a great deal of screen flickering usually throughout these procedures, I have actually made sure to make the display settings the same. Yet this does not aid.

I make use of Ubuntu Lynx with Gnome desktop computer. I have an Nvidia 3DForce FX5600, readied to 1280x960 at 60hz ; presented on a ViewSonic VG2021m. "Desktop results" is readied to lowest/normal (addresses negative screen - flicker concern). The gnome - power - supervisor application is gotten rid of due to the fact that it created troubles when turning off.

Your referral?


Will re - install fresh with Meerkat 10.10 and also upgrade this blog post when I see what I've obtained.

2019-05-09 11:32:50
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I assume you have a bug.Try ubuntu-bug indicator-session in an incurable for a pain-free bug record.

2019-05-12 06:16:15